Saturday, January 15, 2011

I spent 10 beautiful days in my village. The people in my village were full of kindness and generosity. I ate dinner every night with my counterpart, Maman Sani who runs the health center in the village, and his wife who is a primary school teacher. I was just getting to know some of the old ladies and I would sit by them as they pounded millet under shade trees. I held many many babies and got blessed by so many villagers who were so happy I was there. I went on runs through the bush and watched the sun set between baobab trees. I got frustrated when people were so eager to greet me that they would come into my living space at all hours without knocking or giving me privacy. I had a sweet mama, an old lady who greeted me every morning and didn’t laugh when I tried to do womens work such as cooking or pounding millet or carrying water on my head.

Now the sad news. Peace Corps is leaving Niger immediately. Due to security concerns I have left my village and will soon be leaving the country along with all my fellow volunteers. I will hopefully be relocated to a new post in a different country, but I don’t know yet. It is extremely sad to have to leave such a beautiful country after suck a short stay. I have been touched by the kindness of the people here and I have made Nigerien friends who I will miss dearly. I hold this place forever in my heart and while I am both angry and upset about having to leave my village, I am thankful for the part of Niger I did get to experience. There is so much to be learned in this country. So much potential to be changed and to make change. Not being able to recognize this potential is the hardest part about leaving.
That said, hopefully an adventure to a new PC country is waiting for me, Ill send word as soon as I know what is going on. We will soon be going to a different country while our futures are being figured out. I have no idea where ill be going or for how long or if ill be able to stay. Haha, its quite an adventure I suppose. Not to worry, everyone in PC are safe and in good health.
Niger is a beautiful place. It may be the poorest country in the world but its people truly are the most hospitable. The country has given me so much and I am just sad that I wasn’t able to help in return by continuing my service.

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