Sunday, January 2, 2011

Zinder is bomb!

The day after tomorrow I’m going to my village! Whoop Whoop!

It’ll be challenging after living in such relative luxury in the hostel- all the pastries, showers, flush toilets and gigantic DVD collection will be missed. Also, before coming to Niger I was worried about the book situation- but there is absolutely no problem. The library at the hostel makes me giddy- it is full of fantastic books. I’m a little bit intimidate about tomorrow’s task- shopping. I’m opening up a brand new site, which means all that is there is an empty house. Tomorrow I will have to navigate Zinder’s market to buy everything from soap to a mattress to a machete (machetes are useful for digging holes and chopping big things- and for feeling like a bad-ass). We can totally do this, I’ve got some very knowdledgable volunteers who are going to help me out.

OK. This is the end of blog postings for now. I'm sure I'll have lots of stories to share after my first month in post! Take care everyone.


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