Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 1, 2010

My class mate for laguage immersion had Giardia and amoebas. No good. Walter (our medical officer) is bringing her medicine this morning. Hope she gets better soon. Yesterday my task was to go to the tailor and talk to her about what sort of fashions she makes. It was really fun- the tailor and several other ladies chatted alot and I attempted to join in. I think I provided them with a lot of entertainment, they laughed almost every time I spoke. Then I held a bunch of cute babies and hung out in the tailor's house. She showed me pictures from the old PCV that was here 2 years ago. People keep giving us so much food and presents- peanuts and beans and bread and sweets from the market. We are definitely not going to starve here. Peace!

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