Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Favorite meals I’ve made so far…

1. The discovery of mayonnaise was huge! Beans, mayonnaise, ground hot peppers and bread- probably my favorite meal ever. Don’t knock it til you try it.

2. Kupto! I love kupto!!! Its cooked moringa leaves (which are a bit like a tough spinach) peanut butter, onions, maggi (a salty yummy spice)- mix it all together. By itself or with couscous- so so yummy!

3. Rice and Peanut sauce- peanut butter, hibiscus leaves, maggi, oil, salt and water. Its like heaven.

4. Wake da shinkafa. Beans and rice, plain and simple- add a little salt, oil, potassium and onion.

5. Gari rogo. Casava with sardines and dried ground peanut extract. Oil salt and maggi.

6. Maccaroni and cheese. Using laughing cow cheese that doesn’t need to be refridgerated- an expensive treat.

This isn’t what normal nigeriens eat, just spoiled Americans working with Nigerien ingredients. The normal diet for nigeriens is millet with some more millet on top. Their diet is carb heavy and not varied very much at all.

Qucik Note on Photos:
I want to upload pictures so badly, but the internet has thus far been too slow. Hopefully in the next week i'll be able to upload some.

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