Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 6th, 2010 Language Immersion Cont

My 2 favorite times of day-
1) right now when its dark and cool and I can relax, tucked safely beneath my mosquito net
2) First thing in the morning- I’m becoming very fond of my morning routine.

Routine: Wake up, remember dreams and day dream for a while, mental pep talk, take down mosquito net, change, stretch, put on a pot of water to make tea or instant coffee, relax.

I love mornings, the day is so full of hopes and possibilities. Its before you’ve made any mistakes, before frustration sets in and you are still in a dreamy, fuzzy, content state. Tomorrow we are taking a donkey cart to the nearest market, 8km away- I am going to buy SO MANY COOKIES! If there is an egg sandwich man I will probably burst into tears of joy- fo rizzle. That’s shi kin na. Sai wata rana. Peace. (That’s the end of that. See you another day. Peace.)

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