Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 5, 2010 RANA HUTU!!

Rana hutu! REST DAY!!!!
its Sunday, no class on sundays and no TDAs (trainee directed activities). Thank good! I'm enjoying hanging out in my house immensely. Ellie and I discovered that if I turn my headphones up the their loudest then it is just loud enough the enjoy. We've been jamming out ever since- Zakari too. He knows more about american pop-culture than I do. At night we sit and talk and drink tons of tea and play cards. Its the same card game every single night. What Zakari calls "America 8's" Americans call "crazy 8s". Ellie and I call it "Crazy Americans"- crazy 8's nigerien style- lots of random rules and yelling and the slamming of cards. Its hilarious- Zakari swears every American knows how to play American 8's and thinkgs its so funny when he beats us at it all the time. Its pretty sweet- if I tried I could probably write most of this in hausa. Grammatically incorrect, horribly misspelled Hausa, but Hausa none the less).

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